Customer Testimonials

Just thought you'd like to know ...........

"There's a storm going on outside.......Happy to report that we have power.... Generator is chugging away... Nobody else on the street has power. This is the first time we;ve been able to use this! So nice.

-Jean & Joe, Sewickley, PA

Knowledgeable and Professional

Bob and his team were excellent to work with. He personally answered questions to be sure we had a general understanding of generators and the specific details of our installation. I was extremely impressed with Bob and the members of his team. They encountered unforeseen circumstances with our terrain during installation and stayed late until the evening to ensure everything was completed properly.

-Jack Canonsburg, PA

Great to work with

Dealing with the owner, Bob was a pleasure. He knows generators and electricity. He hires great subs to do the gas line work and does the job professionally. The lag time from agreement to install was significant due to the demand for Generac equipment, but Bob kept us informed as to the status the whole time. Then after install I had a question and his son responded immediately with a quick set up question I had an in minutes I had re-programmed the unit myself. Good performance prior to the sale, during the install and now after the sale. We have full confidence in the work that was done and the unit itself.

-Bud Pittsburgh, PA


I have done more then one install with him as the clients engineer. He is ethical and reliable in addition to the areas listed above. As a PE I am a better then avarage judge of his abilitys

-sparks Dunbar, PA

This team was a group of true professionals.

From the initial contact for the purpose of developing a proposal to the final testing and clean-up, this dealer/installer performed beyond our expectations. Although they may not have been the lowest cost, they worked very hard to give us the best value for the dollars involved. Because of their work ethic, they are our first and only choice if additional services are needed.

-oldplymouth66 Clinton, PA

Best of the Best

I ordered a generator because I wanted RELIABLE electric service. Everyone knows Generac builds great generator systems. The real challenge is finding the best qualified company to install and maintain it. There is every sort of installer offering this service - and most aren't qualified to replace a light switch. Bob Behers & company are the most professional group I've seen. Their work is efficient and first class. I'm an electrical engineer with decades of experience and was highly impressed by their knowledge, experience and quality of workmanship. They installed my system with no interruption of our household with no time wasted - they arrived with everything they needed the first time. I'm always reluctant to give recommendations and I've recommended Bob Behers & company to everyone.

-Victor Washington, PA